Web Metrics Plus

Are you looking for a digital analytics expert to ensure you get the data insights you need to optimize your online experience?

Please contact me to discuss your short or long term consulting project needs in any of these digital analytics services:

plus Data insights and dashboard reporting

plus Metrics implementation and tagging

plus Optimization including surveys and A/B testing

plus Analytics training and communication

What people say about Cyndi:

"Cyndi has a deep and thorough technical expertise in analytics … that she seamlessly combines with business savvy and an extensive marketing background."

"Cyndi is extremely knowledgeable in her field (web analytics) and is up to date on the latest technology and trends."

"I would characterize her as somebody who gets things done! Cyndi has a tremendous work ethic, is detail oriented, follows-through, and is an absolute driver."

"She is a great problem solver, very tech savvy and seems to thrive when given a challenge. I have never met anyone as committed and dedicated to her job as Cyndi."

"Her ability to fluidly move from individual stakeholder conversations to senior executive discussions is highly valued.”

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